Introducing BanElon — An NFT Platform against Crypto Bad Players

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency have come so far in the last 10 years to become a 2.4 Trillion dollar industry. Bitcoin Ethereum, Bnb, Defi, NFT, and a lot of other things are currently the talk of the town but we have a lot of evil people who try to bring us down. Evils like the governments, central banks, big powerful people like Elon Musk, who play with their jokes and bring the industry under a total dilemma, manipulating the market and trapping all investors while profiting by their manipulation. So we are introducing BanElon — An NFT Platform on such evil spirits in the industry, to raise awareness and form unity amongst the community against those who are fooling around with the people and their hard-earned money.

Our NFTs will raise awareness amongst people, just like artists and activists raise their voices against the powerful people by uniting together through the art form. We as a community need to come forward and support this initiative against all the fraud performed by multi-billionaires and megalomaniacs.

What is BanElon?

BanElon will be the NFT platform on the BSC Chain. Which will highlight the cruelty of people like Elon in the form of ART. The core objective of the platform will be to build awareness in the blockchain industry and become resistant to FUD and stay away from such hoaxes.

How and why NFTs will be generated?

We will be launching our FRAUD tokens (which currently represents the ticker for BanElon), and which will represent the cruelty of all the evil humans and organizations in the form of NFT.

The NFTs can be redeemed upon staking the FRAUD token. In our platform, users will be able to stake FRAUD tokens for the NFT art forms, to raise awareness, and unite against the fraud actions, which are currently being performed by people such as Elon Musk who manipulate the market whose single tweet from Elon can wipe out Billions of dollars from the market, affecting 99% of the retail traders in this space, and can even trigger a series of cascading long liquidations.

Staking & Redeeming (The FRAUD and JOKE tokens in BanElon Ecosystem)

Any user who will have FRAUD token will be able to stake them in a pool for the upcoming NFTs, during staking users will receive JOKE token. JOKE token cannot be sold anywhere and it can be used only to redeem NFTs. JOKE tokens will be the primary currency to redeem NFT art forms by staking FRAUD tokens in the BanElon platform.

The reason we chose JOKE as the token name is because the powerful people play in the market like it is a bloody joke, wiping out billions of dollars in just one tweet.


We will introduce a voting and participation mechanism such that token holders will be able to vote for the NFTs to be minted from a pool of FUD images.

Token holders will be able to weed out bad actors from this space by voting for the next fraud person in space. This means once we stop Elon from manipulating this space, we are not stopping. We will continue our fight against all bad actors, and make them fall one by one, like falling dominos.

This staking & redeeming is inspired by the MEME token, and we will follow a similar process.

We are also working towards a system where we will unite together to short TESLA stock to the ground and pump and dump the entire market to wipe out Elon from this space as we will show Elon who the real boss is and he cannot just manipulate the cryptocurrency market like this.

We will soon be launching other ecosystem tokens to unite against other bad and evil actors.


NFT Farming

  • Stake and Farm JOKE using the FRAUD token.
  • Use JOKE token to Redeem NFTs


  • Short Tesla, share the proof and get the Reimbursement. #LimitedEditionScheme

Revenue Model

  • The first few NFTs will be on a No Fee model. Later we will have Both free and minting fee model
  • Auction NFT models — Where 20% of the fee will be utilized by the Team to raise funds and drive an awareness campaign against all the treachery.
  • Partnership Launches — Launch of NFTs by collaboration with other blockchain projects. ( Off Track — But to keep #Building).


Token Name: BanElon | Token Symbol: FRAUD

Total Supply: 54.9 M (Total number of followers on Elon’s Handle — As on 18th May 2021)

Marketing: 20% — Release whenever we get a chance to DeFame Elon once he starts manipulating the market again. We will never let Elon manipulate the market if we have your support.

Prod & Dev: 15% — Locked for 6 Month, and then linear 1% every month.

Team: 10% — Linear allocation since 1 day up to 549 days

Airdrop: 5% — Details will be announced in telegram

Liquidity Pool: 50% — Total will be supplied in the PancakeSwap pool.


Further vision

Even organization who spreads false and fake news will receive bashing from us. We as a community will bring more NFTs to fight against all the useless people who try to ruin this blockchain ecosystem by spreading FUD and useless stuff as we continue to grow and prosper.

Example: Traditional media hoax ban news in some regional markets, without no official confirmation. Similarly such hoaxes will be punished using new NFT minting.

Follow us:

Note: This is an experimental project. The aim is to make the project live with the clear vision mentioned in the above article. Investing in BanElon is subject to market risk. Invest wisely.




An NFT Platform against Crypto Bad Players. Powered By Binance Smart Chain. $FRAUD $JOKE $BNB

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An NFT Platform against Crypto Bad Players. Powered By Binance Smart Chain. $FRAUD $JOKE $BNB

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